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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 28, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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deadly gas, carbon monoxide being blamed for two lives lost in east baltimore with levels twice a safe limit. i'm vic carter, here is what people are talking about. tonight we know the two people who died and the three others who were rushed to the hospital. all are members of the same family. one of those recovering is a child. kai jackson is live, right now
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reporting from shock trauma. this tragedy is part of an alarming trend. >> reporter: there's shock in east baltimore after this carbon monoxide poisoning. tonight officials are still trying to find the source. heartbreak on gilford avenue tuesday. the fire department says carbon monoxide gas killed two people in this row home and poisoned three others. >> there were three males that were transported. that exceeds ten times the level of 40 parts per million. >> they don't know what the cause is. right now, i mean every time we go to someone we have to wait until they finish investigating in the house before they tell us anything. investigators are still
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trying to determine the source of the poisoning. in the meantime they are pointing to the tragedy as a reminder how dangerous carbon monoxide can be. all three survivors were taken to the hospital on december 15th, two men in pikesville died of carbon monoxide poisoning and 11 others were traded. >> i feel really down like i want to cry. and i have to be strong for family. >> reporter: and there are a lot of tears and heartbreak in this story. fire investigators are not releasing the names of those people who are recovering. three of them are recovering here at shock trauma tonight. they are warning people to be very careful during this time of year and make sure you have a carbon monoxide detector. vic back to you.
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>> and a person in a second apartment was not affected. and maryland ranks seventh highest this year for police officers killed on the job. nationwide police fatalities jumped 27%. five officers died in our state this year and four of them lost their lives in car crashes. only one state trooper leslie brown was gunned down and murdered. >> 40% increase over the fatality figures for 2009. >> a more cold-blooded brazen criminal element prowling the streets of america. >> reporter: the 24-year-old trooper first class was working a second job providing security when he was gunned down by a customer he had escorted out earlier that month. a man was shot in the
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parking lot of the lauren dunkin donut shop. there are still a lot of questions police are not answering. >> reporter: when a man tried to rob this dunkin donuts, the owner just happened to be there and he killed the would be robber. >> once the guy came into the store, he asked for the money, he gave him the money. he followed him outside. that's what he told me. he says he followed the crook outside and that he he heard two gunshots. >> there was some sort of struggle that insued between the suspect and the property owner at a certain point the suspect was subsequently shot. >> reporter: the 29-year-old suspect was shot from the gunshot wound. police won't say if they found a gun on him or not. the shooting happened in the parking lot. this isn't the first time a business owner has fought back against a thief. >> it's that time of year, plus the economy is back so you better watch your back wherever you go. no matter who you are. they don't care out there nowadays. they will grab and rob you,
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shoot you and kill you for a dollar. >> nowadays people are starting to arm themselves. especially small business owners, you have to protect yourself i guess. >> reporter: police are still investigating and determining if the 48-year-old property owner should be charged. >> i would have done the same with my business, defend yourself, you have a right to protect your property and your life. >> reporter: police aren't saying if the suspect had a gun on his body like he threatened to have during the robbery. and they are also not saying who owned the gun that was used in the shooting. kelly mcpherson, wjz. no charges have been filed in this case as the investigation continues. a tragedy in northeast baltimore where a 13-year-old is accidentally shot and killed. police say that charles desmesour and another friend were playing with a handgun in their house. the gun went off and was shot in the head.
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a ski lift fails and drops riders 30 feet to the ground below. tonight people are injured and the sugar bowl resort is answering tough questions. terrell brown reports from maine. >> reporter: rebecca london is home safe, unhurt after she fell from a ski lift that fell at sugar bowl resort. she says it stopped and skipped back twice. >> all of a sudden i saw the lift and we started dropping. my head kind of fell forward but my goggles were on so i was okay. i was concerned about a broken nose or something. >> reporter: london's mother went to the resort's clinic to try to help out and saw some of the injuries. >> there were no obvious signs of severe bleeding or anything like that. most of them were what i would call unvisible injuries. they were obviously bones underneath ski clothes and stuff like that. >> reporter: it's unknown if
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high winds or equipment failure caused the accident. the 35-year-old lift runs by clusters of wheels moving the chairs along a 12-foot long cable at a speed of 500 feet per minute. >> it seems as though wheels bend so the tires came off and that's what caused the chair lift to drop. >> reporter: the resort had chosen the chair lift as a priority to be replaced. the lift had recently passed an inspection. terrell brown, wjz eyewitness news. the resort ski patrol was on the scene just minutes before the accident. and the northeast blizzard is still causing problems. but now it's the mess that's left that's causing problems. you're looking at video of a front end loader crashes into an suv as it tries to get out
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of a flood bank. tonight the owner of the suv had some harsh words. >> watching it and confused by the level of stupidity. i hate to use that word but that's what it was. >> and mchurdel says the car is no longer drivables. in other parts of the city, crews could not everyone get through because of abandoned vehicles. the last two days of 2010 gas prices are hovering up $2.80. the average price for a gallon of regular was $2.86. tonight that same gallon will cost you $3.06. bad news if you're looking
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to sell your home. maryland property assessments are in the mail and are not looking good. that's the largest drop in the history of maryland's department of assessments. these values do play a role in determines local property taxes, but next july's tax bills will come from the tax rates set by local governments. for ravens wide receiver donte stallworth it's been a long time for redemption. he spent time in jail. he has earned the ed block courage award. >> this is the most proud establishment of my career because it's voted on by my peers and because of what the award stands for. >> reporter: stallworth's teammates and coach harbaugh say he's an example of great sportsman ship, dedication and courage. stallworth says he's especially honored because this award was chosen by his peers.
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the ravens and the bengals kick off is at 1:00 p.m. the tide is turning, just minutes away, early signs of the ailing chesapeake bay is on its way back to health. and an explosion inside an airline passengers baggage, what was inside the consequences for the owner of that bag. it looks like the tundra but it's really the eastern shores still reeling from that blizzard days ago. i'm mike hellgren with the latest on the clean up. >> i'm meteorologist bernadette woods, after a very cold month we have a warm upcoming our way for the end of the year. we have the five day forecast when eyewitness news returns. ,,,,,,,,,,
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it is 32 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather is coming up. tragedy strikes in new orleans when eight people were killed in a warehouse fire. the fire destroyed this abandoned building last night. a group of abandoned people lit a fire in a trash can, it quickly spread. investigators are going through the building to make sure there are not any other victims. a man is facing federal charges as his bag explodes as it was being unloaded at a miami airport. airport officials say several bullet primers were found
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inside the bag. a few shards hit the shoe of a worker. and a flood caused by last week's rainstorms destroyed five homes in highland california, damaged another 73. volunteers are racing to dig out the mud before another storm which is expected overnight. 100,000 bags have already been put into place. an inch of rain is forecast. but experts say even that amount can be dangerous with the current conditions. closer to home, some marylanders are digging out from a blizzard. the eastern shore got a brunt of this weekend's storm. mike hellgren reports. >> reporter: snow packed secondary roads make driving treacherous in some parts of the eastern shore, days after a
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slow moving storm pounded maryland's coastline. >> i've lived in a lot of places, this is the worse snow removal job i've ever seen in my life. >> the rains coming down were pretty horrible yesterday. >> it was a perdue truck jackknifed across the road. we had to back out around him. >> reporter: banks of snow line the boardwalk as bundled up children played in the sand dunes. >> when you come for the first time here, if you are wasting your time. because this is not the season for a beautiful place. >> i know we got dumped on three times last year. 13 years of living here, in all those eyes year, i've never seen so much -- in all those years, i've never seen so much
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in one storm. >> the roads are pretty bad. the road i'm living on is just a single lane road right now. it's drifted across. and yesterday the road was closed. many here say this winter storm was one of the most intense they can remember. warming temperatures should melt all this ice in the coming days. and major roads are actually looking pretty good. you just have to watch out for the smaller roads and side streets. reporting from ocean city, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. and remember wjz13 is always on for constant updates on the forecast, and information on any closings or delays log on to finally some positive news when it comes to the chesapeake bay. the chesapeake bay foundation gives a grade d plus. 13 factors including pollution and marine life were taken into account: tomorrow the federal
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government is expected to announce a new agreement with chesapeake bay stakes with pollution control limits. john travolta dance moves can now be examined for generations to come. the library of congress picks 25 films each year. this year's time square vault has a combination of new and old designs and features over 3,000 crystal triangles. the ball weighs close to 12,000 pounds and is illuminated by 32,000 leds. this year's theme is let there be love. you can see all of baltimore's fireworks and celebrations live right here on wjz13 as we present the ports
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america new year's eve spectacular. all starts at 11:00 p.m. tomorrow on wjz13. bernadette tells us it's going to be a nice night weather wise. >> so far it's looking pretty good. >> good. >> it looks like the rain should hold off until at least saturday evening. because ahead of it, we're talking rain those temperatures are going up. >> that's great. >> that's good news for all of us going down there. you can join us down there also friday night. before we get to that. take a look at where we topped off today. average up to 43 degrees and that is our average. we were just checking some of the numbers. so far this december we are in the top 20 coldest decembers ever. so it has been a very cold month. in the next couple of days we're going to be close to or above this average and for the beginning of next year. we're getting into the 50s. this is where we sit right now. 32degrees in baltimore so we're back down to freezing. 36 in dc. a lot of 30s still out there. there's a little bit of a wind, nothing like what we had the last couple of days. you can see it's also starting to turn a little bit here.
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when you factor in the wind, 27 degrees right now in baltimore. still 38 in dc. much calmer night than we've had the last few. now high pressure is also building in. that's the other thing that's affecting our weather. with the high on top of us that sets off the wind and also keeps our skies clear. tomorrow we're looking at sunshine with less winds. and that high starts to make it's way from the southeast tomorrow afternoon or tomorrow night. when that happens we will see more changes move our way. it all has to do with it makes it's way to the north coast. as it does, it's going to move the jet stream so far south that's what brings the weather so far south. in return the jet stream will pump up across the east. what that means for us is that the warm air is coming up with it. our temperatures are on the way up for the second half of the week. we put that all together for you right now. high pressure sets up those winds for tomorrow and moves off to the east. as it does we'll see some clouds come in on thursday
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ahead of a warm front. that warm front lifts to the north. friday, saturday and even sunday temperatures much milder around here than they have been in some time. west winds. here's that forecast. we're going down to about 22 degrees with less wind. tomorrow we go up to 40 for our high. we don't have that wind, so a lot of sunshine and it'll be close to average tomorrow afternoon. here are some of those clouds with that front, here's that warm air. close to 50 friday. we may actually hit 50. then on saturday, the front approaches and it looks like the showers will hold off until later saturday. mostly saturday evening or saturday night. so if you have plans during the day it should be okay. ahead of it 53 degrees. when that cold front comes through this. there will be some rain into sunday with it. but there's a big question on that timing. there's still a chance this could get out of here for the game. game time is 1:00 on sunday for the ravens. that's something we'll be watching closely and keep you
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updated on. vic. >> and starting at 4:55, check in for the updated weather forecast. and coming up, five ,,,,,,,,
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it's going to be a great day for football, as we're finding around here. >> great weather in hawaii. if you want to go there in february. >> always. >> the thing about the probowl, you don't really want to be going because you want to be in the super bowl. if you're going, you're not playing in the super bowl. but still, honoring were awarded. four ravens players have been chosen to go to the probowl in honolulu. billy condit completing his first season as a ravens.
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condit was the winner. he's on the brink of the all time record of most touch backs on kick offs. first probowl selection for condit. lewis says tonight it feels as good as the first time. terrell suggs is in for the fourth time going to the probowl and anata his second. only atlanta and new england had more players picked than the ravens. the probowl is january 30th again that is one week before the super bowl. for the finale of the regular season, the ravens will play host to cincinnati. the bengals had no players picked for the probowl. auburn offensive coordinator gus malsone has been contacted by the university of maryland about the head coaching vacancy in
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college park that according to auburn head coach. he received a lucrative contract extension from auburn. they're going to play oregon in the bcs title game coming up in january. the terps play east carolina in the military bowl tomorrow in washington, d.c. college basketball on a tough road game. kentucky, they are kentucky ranked 11th in the nation. kentucky is warming up if louisville next. the layolla greyhounds against
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minnesota. we'll be heading out to owins mill tomorrow to catch up with the ravens before sunday's game. >> looking forward to it. some people have a wine cooler maybe a wine cellar. but you've never seen anything like this. why some of the ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the first underwater laboratory for wine has opened off the coast of spain. 50feet under water, the sea there is a wine cellar that can hold up to $1,500. some wineries already age their wine under water. but this is the first time
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scientists are doing it for research. a lucky group will carry out the tastings each month for research. u.s. postal service officially unveiled it's commemorative stamps today. you can decorate your envelopes with a long list of legends. including ronald reagan, mark twain and buzz light year. you can find them at your local
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coming up next on the late show with david letterman, comedian


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